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+++ Update, 01.06.2022 +++

As of today, it is no longer necessary to prove a corona vaccination, recovery or a negative test when entering Italy.
Since June 1st there are no longer any entry restrictions, no Covid certificate has to be presented. FFP2 masks are mandatory until June 15th in local public transport, in hospitals and care facilities, as well as in cinemas, theaters and concert halls.


+++ Update, 29.04.2022  +++

From May 1, 2022, the Green Pass requirement in all public facilities in Italy will be lifted.

However, the Green Pass (3G) is still required to enter the country. When entering the country, however, there is no obligation to register via the dPLF portal.

The mask requirement will also be largely lifted from May 1st.

Until June 15, 2022, the obligation to wear an FFP2 mask only applies to:

- Movie theater

- Theatre

- Hospital

- Schools

as well as in public transport

- Airplane

- Bus

- Train

- Ship / Ferry

However, not in cable cars, taxis or in private cars with people from different households!


+++ Update, 28.03.2022 +++

Before the new Corona Ordinance came into force on April 1st, the Italian government made minor changes to a few points. Here are the changes that will come into effect on April 1, 2022:
- In outdoor gastronomy, the Green Pass obligation does not apply at all.
- In indoor catering, 3G applies to everyone instead of the previous 2G.
- In hotels and other accommodation establishments, the Green Pass obligation does not apply at all.
- For outdoor sports, the Green Pass obligation does not apply at all.
- 2G applies to indoor sports until the end of April.
- In museums, the Green Pass obligation does not apply at all.
- 2G and FFP2 masks are mandatory in indoor cinemas, theaters and discos until the end of April. Outdoors 3G and FFP2 mask compulsory.
- In the disco again 100% occupancy, 2G and obligation to wear a medical mask that can be removed on the dance floor.
- In local public transport (bus, tram) the Green Pass obligation does not apply at all. FFP2 masks are no longer compulsory from May 1st.
- In long-distance traffic (train, bus or ferry) 3G and FFP2 mask obligation remain valid until the end of April.
- Stadiums and concerts can use 100% of the audience capacity again. (3G outdoor, 2G indoor + FFP2)
- FFP2 mask requirement in cable cars.

+++ Update, 18.03.2022 +++

On March 31, Italy ends the Corona state of emergency and abolishes most of the restrictions. From April, hotels, local public transport and shops will no longer require 2G or 3G certificates – i.e. proof of vaccination, recovery or tests. The mask requirement in restaurants, theaters and in the workplace will also be lifted.
From May 1st, the so-called "Greenpass" Corona certificate will be completely abolished. In addition, the quarantine regulations will be almost completely lifted: in future, only those who are infected will have to isolate themselves.

From February 11th, 2022, the mask requirement outdoors has been lifted throughout Italy. However, a mask must still be carried and worn in the event of crowds. Furthermore, discotheques are allowed to open again in Italy from today.

Entry into Italy

IMPORTANT!: Since February 1, 2022, entry from list C countries (which also includes Germany) is possible without a 5-day quarantine if one of the green certificates (vaccination certificate, certificate of recovery or negative result of a test - PCR or antigen ) is presented. From the same date, vaccinated or recovered people will no longer have to present a test when entering Italy.

The following are mandatory for entry into Italy from the EU from February 1, 2022:

1. Registration in the portal European Passenger Locator Form
If it was not possible to register via the portal, you can alternatively

Self-declaration form "ENGLISH"
completed (this must be printed out and filled out and carried with you during the trip).

2. Upon request, the staff in charge of the control must be presented with the EU digital Covid certificate in accordance with European regulations, stating that the person concerned is either:
• has been fully vaccinated for at least fourteen (14) days (the vaccination protection of the 2nd vaccination is valid for a maximum of 9 months, the "booster", i.e. the 3rd vaccination is currently valid indefinitely)
• has recovered (within the last six months);
• has recovered and has received the single dose of vaccine required for a full vaccination
• or is in possession of a negative result of a rapid test (PCR or antigen).
If you enter Italy without one of the above-mentioned certificates (vaccination certificate, certificate of recovery or test), please note the following:
- Individuals must undergo a five-day quarantine at their own home or usual place of residence to arrange for health surveillance;
- after five (5) days of quarantine, another antigen or PCR test must be performed.
For possible exceptions to the above provisions, please consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs inquiry form
Children under six (6) years of age are exempt from the test requirement (antigen or PCR test).
Source: Italian Embassy Berlin and Federal Foreign Office

Arrival via Austria and Switzerland is possible.

On Lake Como, holidaymakers can quickly take a test in many pharmacies.
» Here you will find pharmacies on Lake Como that offer a rapid corona test

All information is based on our current knowledge of a comprehensive and constantly changing legal situation and does not claim to be complete. We recommend that you also get up-to-date information from your accommodation on Lake Como. We endeavor to keep the information for Lake Como and bordering regions, as well as the travel information through the transit states, as up-to-date and complete as possible.

The current Corona rules and upcoming measures in Italy

Italy announces that it will abolish the obligation to wear masks outdoors from February 11.
News about the "Green Pass" - this is how the Federal Foreign Office writes:
"Since February 1, 2022, the validity of the EU's digital COVID certificate within Italy has been reduced from nine to six months. This regulation also applies to tourists. The so-called "Super Green Pass" (2G certificate), which is used for the Access to most services and infrastructure (eg hotels, restaurants, etc.) in Italy is mandatory for people over 12 years of age, must not be older than six months.
If the so-called "Super Green Pass" (2G certificate) is more than 6 months old, with effect from February 5, 2022, access to most services and infrastructures in Italy will be possible, if in addition to the certificate proving the vaccination or recovery (EU Digital COVID Certificate or other certificate) evidence of a negative antigen or PCR test is provided. This proof must not be older than 48 hours (antigen test) or 72 hours (PCR test) and must be renewed regularly if necessary."
The booster remains valid indefinitely! Equivalent to the booster is a recovery after two vaccinations.
Since January 10, 2022, the so-called "Super Green Pass" (2G) has been required for all persons over the age of 12 in many areas of public life.
Which rules that are relevant to us currently apply to Lake Como
• Mask requirement outdoors throughout Italy, until February 10, 2022. The mask requirement will not be extended. (Although for Trentino it means that there is no obligation to wear a mask wherever the distance between people who do not live together is permanently guaranteed.)
• Restaurants and bars are allowed to open both indoors and outdoors. Negative proof mandatory Super Green Pass (2G)

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