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Our wine cellar is kept in its original state, where the former wine-growers sat together and this especially in autumn and winter, because there is a room temperature of about 12 to 15 degrees in both summer and winter. Thanks to the partly carved in the rock space, there were also stored the salami and the wine, which was tapped into containers. At that time the big wine barrels and the wine press were located deep down in the former main building, where today the Taverna is located.

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In our wine cellar Cantina at the vineyard farm you can still sit together with a good glass of wine and enjoy the original ambience. On request, we can also organize wine tastings at the Angelinetta or Sorsasso wineries.


Cantina Sorsasso Cantina Angelinetta

Further information about the SORSASSO winery and the ANGELINETTA winery in Domaso can be found here!

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